Shipping policy

Thank you for shopping at RIJOUX. For the convenience of our online customers, RIJOUX offers one type of shipping: Delivery.


At RIJOUX, we offer a variety of services to our customers to ensure that we meet and exceed our store mission: To make shopping at RIJOUX a delightful experience with attentive, hands-on service to all our customers. Thus, delivery is our preferred way of getting your purchase to you. We deliver your items right to your door, where you can try them on before purchasing them. In many cases, the time it takes for our customers to order, get their items delivered by us, try on the clothing and complete the order is less than it takes to drive to the store, try on numerous outfits, make a final selection and travel back home.

Who Gets Delivery?

Anyone who orders from our online store can choose to have their order delivered. Our delivery service is particularly useful to ladies and gentlemen, who are too busy to go shopping, and need an outfit for a special occasion, business dinner or benefit ball. Delivery makes getting ready a breeze. Plus, our customers can order everything—shoes to jewelry—from one store.

Complimentary Outfit Adviser

Your order will arrive with one of our staff members, whom will assist you in creating the perfect outfit. That might mean that if you order a dress, our staff member might bring along shoes, jewelry and/or other items that matches the dress. This ensures you get the perfect outfit each and every time you order from us. Our customers are under no obligation to purchase these additional items. If you wish to purchase the item, it will be added to your purchase total. If you decide not to buy, our staff member will return the item to the store and you will not be charged for it.


At RIJOUX, all customers receive complimentary FREE delivery with their online order.

Delivery Payment Options

With delivery, our delivery drivers will wait by the door until you decide whether or not you want one or all of the merchandise in your order. Then, you may choose to pay either by cash or credit for only the items you wish to keep. The ones you decide not to keep return to RIJOUX and you will never be charged for those items.


For PayPal, you will have to sign a receipt stating before you received the items.

Timing of Delivery

For the most part, we deliver in about 3 hours to most locations in Israel. That means you can have your purchase in your hand in about three hours after you place an order with us. You can always CALL us to schedule delivery of your order to a time of your choosing. To get an idea of how long it takes us to deliver to your area, check out the chart below.

Location Time Cost
Tel Aviv 2hrs 30min (or less) free
Ramat haSharon 3hrs free
Herzliya 3hrs free
Bat-Yam 3hrs free
Holon 3hrs free
Ramat Gan 3hrs free
Givatayim 3hrs free
Petach-Tikva 3hrs free
Rosh HaAyin 3hrs free
Kiryat Ono 3hrs free
Center Area 3hrs free
Savion 3hrs 20min Free
Ramlea Lod 3hrs 30min Free
Yavne 3hrs 30min Free
Nes Ziona 3hrs 30min Free
Netanya 3hrs 30min Free
Caesarea 3hrs 30min Free
Ashdod 3hrs 40min Free
Ashkelon 3hrs 40min Free
Jerusalem 4hrs Free
Modiin 4hrs Free
Bat Shemesh 4hrs Free
Moshavim in Jerusalem area 4hrs Free
Zichron Binyamina 4hrs Free
Hadera Emek Hefer 4hrs Free
Pardes Hanna Karkur 4hrs Free
Hashomron 4hrs Free
North Area 4hrs 30min Free
Haifa & Carmel 4hrs 30min Free
Krayot 4hrs 30min Free
Akko & Nahariah 4hrs 30min Free
Galil HaEmek 4hrs 30min Free
Tveria 4hrs 30min Free
Emek Yezreel 4hrs 30min Free
Karmiel 4hrs 30min Free
HaSharon 4hrs 30min Free

Please call for time estimate and/or to arrange delivery for the following areas:

Beer Sheva

Thank you for shopping at RIJOUX! We appreciate your business.  

*please do feel free to let us know if you have any questions concerning shipping and deliveries
Customers Support tel: +972 54 98065 80


Return policy

Our return policy

Thank you shopping at RIJOUX! We appreciate your business. RIJOUX has a straightforward return policy that never changes. We require that all returns are undamaged, bought back with any packaging, including price tag, and returned within 24 hours of purchase date with receipt.

Return Period

We offer a 24 hour return period for all merchandise with a receipt. The short return  window is due to the wearable nature of RIJOUX clothing.

Eligible Return Items

  • Items purchased in the last 24 hours
  • Items in original condition with packaging

If an item appears used, worn, or in any other condition other than mint, it is up to RIJOUX staff to determine whether it can be returned. Their decisions are considered final.


We are Unable to Accept Returns on the Following:

  • Lingerie, swimwear,cosmetics and other perishable items.
  • Damaged goods of any shape or form
  • Used or worn clothing
  • Tickets and other items marked nonrefundable

How to Return an Item

Returning an item To The Store

1. Determine whether the the sale date was more than 24 hours ago.

2. Find the receipt.

3. Return it to our David InterContinental Hotel location.

Customers will receive a credit note for the amount of the item that can be used on anything in the store at  David InterContinental Hotel or in our online store.

Returning An Item To Our Online Store

1. Call within 24 hours of delivery of the items.

2. Follow the instructions of the employee on the phone. Depending on your location, a delivery person may be sent to your location. You may need to ship the item back to us. For online returns, the return process occurs within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise. Customer receive a credit note for the full amount of the item.

Return Prevention

We believe that our clothing are fated for each purchaser.  Thus, we do our best to ensure our customers choose clothing that fits them like it was tailored. One of the ways we do that is by offering several services, which lessens the chance of a return. We offer the following return prevention services:

Online Store Options:

3 Hour Delivery

We offer delivery in 3 hour or less in the Tel Aviv area of Israel when a customer orders from our online store. That means we hand deliver our sublime fashions right to your door in just three hours. And we offer this service 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the ultimate shopping experience.

Private Fittings

Private fittings go hand and hand with our quick deliveries. Once our driver arrives at your door with your ordered merchandise, you can try them on and decide whether you want to keep the clothing. If you don't want something, it will return with our driver to our store. Returns in this manner are never charged to our account, because of our policy on cash/credit on delivery.

Cash or Credit on Delivery

The final step of our return prevention is cash or credit on delivery. This means you pay for the our premium clothing via credit card or cash after you receive them, try them on and determine which ones to keep.

In--Store Options:

Instore Attendant

Our attentive staff will help you discover the latest fashion trends and offer advice on the fit of the clothing.  Our staff are fashion gurus and want everyone to look fabulous 24/7.

Fitting Rooms

We encourage our instore patrons to try on the clothing before buying in our fitting rooms. This ensures you get the best fit for your body.

Thank You For Shopping At RIJOUX!

Privacy policy

Welcome to RIJOUX online store. We treat you like the sun rises and sets with you every time you enter the store. That attentiveness transitions seamlessly to our website and the interaction we have with you through email, phone and fax as well as during our delivery of your order to you.

RIJOUX cares about your privacy and our website privacy policy reflects this. We will do our best to ensure that your information is collected, stored and protected to the best of our ability.

RIJOUX believes your personal information should stay personal. Thus, we follow the privacy policy information outlined below. When you use this website, you are agreeing to the following terms of this privacy policy. 

If you have any questions about the privacy policy outlined below please contact us: 

Chief Privacy Officer--Moshe Silberberg

Mail: David InterContinental Hotel Tel Aviv - RIJOUX

Prof. Yehezkel Kaufmann St. 12, 61501


Phone: +972 (0) 3 5240124

RIJOUX Privacy Policy

How do we collect information?

We collect your information from the following actions:

  • When  you open an account and/or fill out the information form to become a member of our site
  • You use the contact form to ask questions about products, our delivery process, story polices, payment options and general information about our store.
  • When you provide feedback or comment on our brands, merchandise, services and/or customer service.
  • Comment on our social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Enroll to receive newsletters from us.
  • Sign up for product alerts through our website.
  • Enroll for email or mail special offers through our website.
  • Place an order with us on our website.
  • Any other action that prompts you to give us personal or non-personal information about you.

What Information Do We Collect?

The information we collect are general information from your interaction on the website. It may contain personal information. The following information may be collected from your utilization of our website. 

  • Name
  • Location
  • Email
  • Address
  • Credit Card Information
  • IP address
  • Navigation Behavior ie. recent site visits, brands you like, pages you view, links you click, items you purchase and any other action you take on our website.
  • Computer Operating system
  • Website that referred you to us
  • Type of Browser

Most of the information you give us is voluntary. For example, when placing an order you include your name and address. This is considered personal information. We take the utmost care in ensuring this information is secured and is never shared.

Other information, such as non-personal information, like your IP address and navigation behavior is non-voluntary and may also be collected by us and our partners. 

How Do WE use your information?

We use the non-personal and personal information gathered during the use of the RIJOUX website to provide the best service to our customer. We use personal information in the following ways:

  • To provide services to you, i.e. to deliver your order 
  • To complete transactions, such as a purchase.
  • To offer superior customer support
  • Contact you if something prevents transaction completion. For example, we would call you if delivery was delayed or we were out of the ordered item in your size.
  • Offer special bonuses or offers from us or our affiliates, marketing partners, which your personal information indicated might interest you.

We also gather non-personal information to improve the RIJOUX experience. We use non-personal information in the following ways:

  • Improve our service to website visitors.
  • Customize the RIJOUX website to  ensure a better experience.
  • Identify any statistical information our customers and trends. For example, we may increase our stock of a particular color item base on the number of customers, who purchased the item.
  • To maintain the website at peak selling capacity.  

Can I Opt out of cookies and emails?

Yes, you may opt out of cookies and/or emails. Your ability to opt out of cookies depends on the type of browser you are using. You can learn  how to block cookies in the main menu of your browser under the Help tab.

Blocking cookies may impede your ability to use the RIJOUX website to the fullest capacity. This may include the inability to access the website, limited individual page access, and even the ability to access Checkout to complete your order.

All emails have an unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email. Click this link and confirm your opt-out status. It may take two weeks to two months for the emails to stop completely.  Alerts can also be opted out in this manner.

Website Security

We utilize industry standard commercial measures to ensure all information gathered is secure. We do our best to protect it from misuse, unauthorized access, and loss. That said, no information is ever 100 percent secure on the Internet.

Sharing Your Information

We respect your privacy. We do not sell, transfer or give your information to third parties except our affiliates. We never share with other businesses your personal information for monetary gain or otherwise. We may allow our partners access to the information to send you marketing emails in order to provide services and products that you make like. You may opt out of these emails and/or contact us to remove your information from RIJOUX's website server.

We may also share information to (1) comply with current laws or regulations; (2) reinforce the terms of any of our agreements; (3) ensure the security o of this website or the rights, property or safety of others; (4) acknowledge governmental information requests; (5) to protect or use our legal rights; or (6) react to legal processes.

Does this Privacy Policy Stay in Effect When You Click A Link? 

Once you click a link to another website, even if that link is on our website, this privacy policy is no longer in effect. The subsequent website is subjected to its own privacy policy. RIJOUX nor any of the individuals employed by RIJOUX are responsible for any beach of this privacy policy, the subsequent website's policy or any other actions taken on that website against you.  

Do We Promote Our Product To Minors?

This website and the products offered for sale are intended for adults over 18 years of age. Children under 18 years are not encourage to use this website. If they choose to do so, they should have parental consent and supervision. Any information collected by the website, and by extension RIJOUX or its affiliates, is not intended to be for persons less than 18 years of age.

Children Under 13

We do not intend to collect personal information from persons under the age of 13. If we ever knowing receive such information, we will delete it. 

Future Changes To Policy

This policy is subject to change and any future changes will be posted on this site when they occur. Unless indicated otherwise, this privacy policy is effective on all personal information from all website users. By using this website, you agree to this provision.

Where will the Information be Processed?

By using this website, you agree to terms of this privacy policy and allow your information to cross international lines. The information will be collected, stored and accessed, according to Israeli laws about collection, storage and use of such information.  

Glossary of Terms

IP Address--IP address , also known as Internet Protocol Address, is the individual string of numbers and periods that identifies a specific computer when in use on the Internet. 

Cookie--a data file created and stored on a computer by a web server. Upon the return to the server, the server will access the file. It may include information about you and your preferences. Only the server creating the file can access it. 

Personal Information--this information includes your name, address and credit card information.

Non-personal information- This includes information gleaned from your actions on the website and your IP address.

Thank You for Shopping At RIJOUX! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this privacy policy.