RIJOUX specializes in bringing unique and fashionable clothing to the people of Israel and beyond. We travel the world to discover the best brands in fashion, so our customers don't have to travel far to wear the latest in fashionable clothing. Then, we stock our store  and warehouse with  the present and  future fashion front-runners from the runways and designers in Milano, Paris, New-York City and Sao-Paulo. For people wanting the finer things in life, you can count on us to deliver unique and quality goods. To try us once is to love us forever. 

RIJOUX is a multibrand concept store that caters to both men and women who desire the finer things in life. RIJOUX stocks unique and interesting pieces of evening wear, casual wear, shoes, bags, lingerie and beachwear. RIJOUX takes pride in bringing the finest European brands and clothing lines to Israel. Many of our clientele are actors and celebrities.

Our main store is located at David InterContinental Hotel. Our customers can order our products online via the Internet anywhere in Israel. We offer superb personal services, such as three hour delivery and fittings in your home.

Our Heritage

RIJOUX's story begins over forty years ago with Rachel Silberberg Hanono and her father Moris Hanono. In 1975, the pair opened their first store called Antelope Men Fashion. The store revolutionized the shopping experience in the Dizengof Shopping District of Tel Aviv with its brand-center approach.  Then, Rachael married Chaim Silberberg. Rachael and Chaim followed in Rachael's father footsteps and opened a series of monobrands and multibrands boutiques together. These higher-end boutiques were groundbreaking in Israel offering a “European brand culture” with collections from brands, such as De Racelli, Gianfranco Ferre, La Perla, Gottex, Blumarine, Blugirl, Carlos Miele, Miele Jeans, Dior, and Rene Caovilla. Antelope Men Fashion is still a very successful boutique run by the Hanono brothers. RIJOUX is the product of over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry.


Shopping at RIJOUX is an experience. We treat you like you are our best customer from the first time you walk in our doors. We want you to feel as if you’ve got the Midas touch. We strive to make  our customers feel special with our attention to detail and our desire to make their shopping experience wonderful. Our customers return again and again to experience the glow they get from shopping in our store. 

Our staff are highly trained professionals with one goal--to make your shopping experience fantastic--in mind throughout your visit to our abode or through online communication. Our staff wants you to leave feeling satisfied that you got the best products on the market and that our staff made you feel like a king or queen while you were in our store. In fact, consider our customer service professionals to be your personal shopper. We encourage you to utilize the knowledge of our staff to make you look like you just stepped off the runway in Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo or even New York .

Great Brands

The brands we partner with are the foundation of our business. Our handpicked brands contribute a multitude of products to our store, including watches, jewelry, clothing and shoes to every collection. Without their fashion forward collections, RIJOUX would not be the same. 

Perfect Location

RIJOUX serves the entire country of Israel with our online ecommerce store. It showcases the same brands, offers the same attention to detail and many of the same services as our brick and mortor store.

Our brick and mortar store is located David InterContinental Hotel. Here our customers get a true taste of our customer service dedication. Our customer service professionals can answer your questions about the latest fashions or the store.

Personalized Experience 

Our customers are treated to a personalized experience every time they walk in the door. Our customer service professionals greet you at the door. Our professionals assist in finding what you desired when you entered the store as well as offer valuable knowledge on fashion trends for your body type. We want our clothing to fit like it was made for you.

Quality Service

Our attention to our customers is what really sets us apart from our competitors. We offer a variety of services that makes our customers feel like royalty instead of just another sale. That’s the number one priority of RIJOUX. It means that the company is constantly improving their service to meet and exceed the expectation of the company’s customers.

Our attention to our customers is one of our most defining features and our customers are treated to a personalized experience every time they walk in the door. To help our customers feel like a movie star, we offer personal services that other stores only offer to celebrities. When a customer orders online, we offer the following services:

3 Hour Delivery
We deliver anywhere in the Tel Aviv area in three hours or less 24 hours a day. This allows our customers to view our clothing in the comfort of their home,  ensure they find the right clothing for themselves, and decide whether the clothing suits their personality.

Private Fitting
Upon delivery, our customers have the option to try on the clothes before they buy and decide whether they want to complete the order. This saves on the return cost of shipping and the time involved in returning clothing to a store.

Cash/Credit on Delivery
After our customers have tried on their clothing, they can choose to pay either by cash or credit. We accept the following cards: American Express, VISA and Mastercard. The delayed payment until the end of delivery is for the convenience of our customers. 
Plus, you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Now, that’s shopping like a celebrity.

The Business

At RIJOUX, we bring a luxury shopping experience to the masses by partnering with progressive brands, with a strong focus on quality and style. These brands are featured in our stores, both online and physical.

RIJOUX is an Israeli company that launched in 2012 and continues to bring the luxury lifestyle to the people of Israel and beyond. The Silberberg Family started the company after several decades in the fashion industry.


The Israel based company is the brainchild of the Silberberg family. The Silberbergs spent over a quarter of a century immersing themselves in the fashion world.

Chaim Silberberg - Co-owner, Finance Manager

Chaim Silberberg is the financial Manager for RIJOUX. He began his journey to RIJOUX in the diamond industry. He sold rare pieces and one of a kind diamonds for Harry Winston. He also manufactured diamonds for the same company in Porto Rico. and was latter named the Manufacturing Manager for Harry Winston. After he met his wife Rachael, they opened several monobrands and multibrands boutiques, including Gianfranco Ferre, La Perla, Gottex, and De Racelli.

Rachel Silberberg Hanono - Co-owner, Visionary Manager

Rachel Silberberg Hanono is a second generation concept store owner. She learned the trade at her father's knee and played an active role in her father's concept store called Antelope Men Fashion. After she married her husband, Chaim Silberberg, they opened several successful concept stores together. She is RIJOUX's Visionary Manager and advises her fellow co-workers on the store's direction.

Moshe Silberberg - Co-owner, Brand & Business Relations Manager 

Moshe Silberberg is co-owner of RIJOUX. He brings his passion and eye for fashion, gleaned from 25 years of exposure at the dinner table as well as a background in trading and selling quality diamonds in multiple countries throughout the world. His knowledge of diamonds directly benefited the jewelry RIJOUX stocks.

Moshe Silberberg manages RIJOUX’s brands and business relations. He’s in charge of managing the business’s relationship between the business and the brands it stocks. He's also responsible for raising awareness of the RIJOUX brand and manages the business's image.

Before becoming RIJOUX’s right hand man, Moshe Silberberg worked at Windiam, Julius Klein Eliaz Diamonds and Adex Congo as a buyer, sales manager and in customer relations. He spent 5 years in the diamond industry and traveled to many countries. This experience serves him well in his multi-purpose role at RIJOUX.

Liat Grinberg - Co-owner, Operations Manager

Liat Silberberg is co-owner of RIJOUX and a third generation concept store owner. Liat assisted her parents in their concept stores from an early age and brings a lifetime of fashion knowledge, gleaned at the knee of her parents, to RIJOUX. To the delight of her parents, she married a doctor - Dr. Alex Grinberg.

Liat is RIJOUX's Operation Manager and manages the day-to-day operations of RIJOUX. She runs the RIJOUX store, assists in buying from top brands and manages the store's employees.


If you have a burning desire to be a part of the most prestigious fashion forward company in Israel, then you've come to the right company.

About Us: 

At RIJOUX, we live and breathe fashion. We stock the latest brands and strive to provide the best customer service to our patrons. We opened our doors in 2012 and are dedicated to meeting the desire for the best fashion for every man, woman, and child in our home country and beyond. Our online ecommerce store is available in Israel and our foundation store in David InterContinental Hotel. We’re rapidly growing and will post openings when they become available.

About Our Hiring Policy: 
We hire only the best individuals to keep our business at the top of its game. We seek highly motivated, fashion knowledgeable service professionals, who are willing to treat our customers better than they treat our family. If you've got a heart for fashion, a desire to provide excellent customer service and the experience to back that up, we want to hear from you.

For Careers dept. please contact following email: (Moshe Silberberg)

Company Enquiries

For General inquiries, please contact us at the following email:

If you are interested in featuring your brand on RIJOUX.COM, please contact email: (Moshe Silberberg)