"Harmonious Melodies: A Musical Journey through RIJOUX Playlists"

Welcome to "Harmonious Melodies," a musical paradise where we present three captivating playlists curated by Moshe Silberberg RIJOUX Co-Owner to enchant your senses and elevate your spirits. Embark on an immersive journey through a diverse array of tunes that celebrate the power of music to transcend borders, evoke emotions, and create lasting connections.

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RIJOUX: The perfect harmony of work and music. Elevate your retail shop or office space with this curated playlist, delivering a seamless fusion of rhythm and creativity. Immerse yourself in the carefully selected trucks that will fuel your motivation and drive your success. Let the music play.
- The Ring in the cover album is part of Scintilla Monaco collection.

Romy & Uncle Mole

Enjoy teen tunes loved by 9-year-old Romy Grinberg & Uncle Mole. Curated in Aug 2023, it's a musical journey filled with joy! From catchy beats that make Romy's car rides vibrant to melodies that bridge the generation gap, this playlist is a heartwarming blend of youthful energy and cherished memories. Tune in and let the rhythm of special bond uplift your spirits.

Top Songs 2022

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Top Songs 2018 Moshe Silberberg Loved made by Spotify

Collaborative Playlist

A Heartfelt Playlist for Meital Boterashvili - מיטל בוטרשוילי, a dear friend who touches my life with love and care.

Meital, my treasured friend, is a constant source of happiness and support in my life since we met in 2019. Her presence in my life is a true blessing, and I cherish every moment we share.

In the midst of the challenges and joys of 2022, Meital remains a cherished friend, and these memories hold a special place in my heart.

Love takes us on unexpected paths, and though we may not be in a couple's relationship now, I believe that love and breakup are part of life's journey. What's important is that we learn to value and respect each other's friendship, even when the dynamics change.

Let's celebrate the friendship we have (Moshe Silberberg & Meital Boterashvili), and may this playlist be a reflection of the beautiful connection we share as best friends forever.

Feel free to add your favorite songs to this collaborative playlist. <- link to join

Meital -  My first collaborative playlist on spotify

This special playlist marks a meaningful milestone in my friendship with Meital Boterashvili - מיטל בוטרשוילי. Together, we curated this playlist on July 12th, 2019, a significant moment for both of us. It was right after Meital's Father, Borris Boterashvili Z"L - בוריס בוטרשוילי ז״ל, completed his year of mourning (שנת אבלות).

During that entire year, Meital chose to refrain from attending weddings, parties, or any events involving music as a mark of respect. I had the privilege of creating her Spotify account and this playlist. reintroducing music back into Meital life.

This playlist is a reflection of the bond we share, and the joy of rediscovering music together. It's a creation of life, love, and the healing power of music after Meital family truma.

Losing the dearest people in life deeply impacted both of us.
We both families lost fathers.
Chaim Silberberg Z"L - חיים זילברברג ז״ל
Borris Boterashvili Z"L - בוריס בוטרשוילי ז״ל

In May 2018, Meital Boterashvili experienced the loss of her beloved father,
Borris Boterashvili Z"L - בוריס בוטרשוילי ז״ל,and in 2022,

I too lost my father,
Chaim Silberberg Z"L - חיים זילברברג ז״ל

Through the challenges of grief and healing, this playlist has become a testament to our enduring friendship and the strength we find in each other during the darkest times.


RIJOUX Indian Music

Dive into the world of Indian music with this captivating playlist. Experience classical ragas, Bollywood hits, folk tunes, and devotional melodies that reflect India's rich cultural heritage. Get ready to be enchanted by the diverse rhythms and soulful expressions of this incredible musical journey.