The Artist - Maya B. D.

Maya B. D. is a digital artist based in the French Riviera. Maya is highly influenced by the beauty of the Mediterranean nature, gentle breeze, and magical sky. She studied architecture after her high school, and specialized in interior and global design afterwards. Maya’s background and studies provided her with a strong knowledge of geometry, colors, lights, and shadows, which she applies in her artworks. The chance led her to discover her passion for diamonds, and since then she did not stop admiring them.

Maya B. D. diamonds artworks focus on the emotions and vibrance emitted by the diamond itself, leaving the observer in deep muse of the story of the diamond. 

Today, Maya B. D. has joined the Rijoux family, to collaborate on the first project of its kind in the diamond industry and art world: NFT collection of Maya Bassam Diab diamonds artwork backed with the real diamond (with GIA certificate) from Rijoux Gems line.

The Message behind Maya B. D. Artworks
The abstraction of our being is nothing but a collection of moments, emotions, wishes, achievements and memories. A mosaic of tiny pieces of life coming all together to form a story that symbolizes our uniqueness as individuals. As no human story or DNA is like another, diamonds are also the same. Maya B. D. believes that not only diamonds symbolize love and luxury, but also they symbolize life, hope, patience, and power. Diamonds form under severe conditions of high temperature, and result in a stunning piece at the end. Maya Bassam Diab diamonds digital artworks highlight the technology and innovation behind the artisanship of diamond cutting today, and holds a message to the observer that says:

You are a precious diamond in the chaos of this world. The struggles, hard moments, and pressure in your life are only there to make you shine brighter at the end. Be patient. Trust the process. Accept your life and love yourself. Today and every day is your chance to manifest your uniqueness to the world and shine bright like a diamond!!
RIJOUX x MBD collaboration

Maya B. D. and Rijoux believe that the future is digital, and that the future of diamond trading is through blockchains. Together, they collaborated to offer to the market a new type of investment and a new method of diamond trading for professionals and private investors, making their project the first of its kind in the diamond industry.

MBD x RIJOUX collection offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of exceptional diamonds artworks by the digital artist Maya B. D. Each NFT comes with a fictional tale provided in the text description.

Most NFTs of MBD x RIJOUX collection are backed with the diamond itself and its GIA certificate. Once the NFT is purchased, the owner has the choice to have the diamond delivered to him, or stored in one of our safes in: Antwerp, Tel Aviv, or New York. The buyer can choose the location. 

Please make sure to contact us to check about the stone availability and read all the terms & conditions before placing any offer or purchasing any of our NFTs.

Do not Hesitate to contact Mr. Moshe Silberberg on the following number:

+972(0) 54 980 6580 for more information.