What is NFT?
NFT stands for: Non-fungible token, which represents ownership of a digital asset linked to the blockchain database. NFTs have unique properties; making no two NFTs identical. Unlike fungible assets on the blockchain database (ex: bitcoins, ethereum, etc.), NFTs are not exchangeable or replaced with another identical NFT of the same value. NFTs could represent: GIFs, collectibles, music, videos, and much more. Every NFT has only one official owner at a time, secured by the blockchain, and holds a record of ownership that cannot be modified.

If you don’t have enough information about NFTs, we highly recommend that you do your own research before you decide to purchase any of our items.
Are NFTs a good investment?
NFTs are not just an image or a video you watch on your screen. They are valuable digital assets with unique properties that cannot be copied, and a proof of ownership. Although you can make endless copies of any digital file on the internet, and share it with your friends, you can never have the original file and the proof of ownership of its rights. NFTs protect artists and buyers, with the fact that only one owner can claim ownership of the rights of the NFT. This makes the NFT even more scarce. NFTs are a digital form of art with a potential to exceptionally increase in value by time, just like traditional art but in a modern way. Some NFTs come with utilities, giving the owner advantages by purchasing them. By purchasing our NFTs, you automatically have the right to sell them back and trade them. Also, some of our NFTs come with the real diamond, giving you the chance not only to trade the NFT but also the diamond.
How to Purchase RIJOUX NFTs?

Today, there are many online marketplaces offering to purchase and trade NFTs. RIJOUX chose the top NFT marketplace for their project: OpenSea. To purchase any of our items on OpenSea: 

  1. You have to connect your wallet to OpenSea (recommended wallet to use is: MetaMask wallet).
  2. Purchase or transfer Cryptocurrency to your wallet.
  3. Go to our page on OpenSea.
  4. Pick the item you would like to purchase.
  5. Go to the checkout, and pay.
  6. Enjoy your RIJOUX NFT !

Important note: Please make sure to contact us before purchasing any of our NFTs that come with the real diamond. 

Our team will be happy to guide you step-by-step throughout the process, if you need any help. Please contact our Whatsapp support team to place an appointment with us.
Do all the NFTs of RIJOUX come with the real diamond of the diamond artwork by Moshe Silberberg?
No, not all of our NFTs come with the real diamond of the diamond artwork by Moshe Silberberg Please carefully read the description text of the NFT you are purchasing to know if it does or not.
How do I make sure that the diamond is real?
All of our diamonds come with a GIA, IGI, or HRD certificate, proving that the diamond is real and not lab created or synthetic. Also, the certificate provides a full description of the diamond, including : color, weight, measurements, and cutting style.
Are diamonds a good Investment?

Absolutely. Not only diamonds are gorgeous on a piece of jewelry, but also, diamonds are a good store of value in a very low volume. They can be exchanged at any time for real money, in any currency, and any country. Their value is determined by the diamond market price and change daily.

RIJOUX are experts in the diamond industry with many years of experience. Together with the artist Moshe Silberberg, they have picked the best and most beautiful diamonds on the market for their NFT community, with different budgets.  

If you are not a professional in investing in diamonds, we highly suggest that you inform yourself about the 4 Cs ( carat, color, clarity, and cut) of a diamond before purchasing a diamond. If you need any help or have any question, please feel free to contact our WhatsApp support team
I would like to join the RIJOUX community, but I know so little about diamonds and NFTs, can anyone guide me throughout the process?
We understand that if you are a beginner, it’s not so simple to go throughout the process alone. This is why we created a WhatsApp support team for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide and help you step-by-step if needed.
I am interested in one of your diamonds. I would like to purchase it, but I don’t want to pay with cryptocurrency. Do you propose different ways of payment?
Yes. Different ways of payment are possible to purchase the diamond with us. In this case, we separate the NFT from the diamond, and keep the NFT for us. For more information, please contact our WhatsApp support team, and they will explain everything to you.
I want to purchase the diamond but not the NFT. Is that possible?
It is possible under few conditions. For serious demands, we invite you to contact our WhatsApp support team, and they will give you all the information you need.
Can you sell for me the diamond that came with the NFT after a while?
Rijoux has a big network of professionals in the diamond industry, and can help you sell your diamond to them and get offers for the same market value of the day.
What happens after I purchase an NFT that comes with the real diamond from you?
First of all, please make sure to understand about diamonds and NFTs before purchasing from us. Second, kindly contact us to check about the availability of the diamond before purchasing it. Once you have confirmation about the availability of the stone from our side, you can purchase the NFT. You have two options: keep the diamond in our safe and you keep the NFT with you, or take the diamond and give us back the NFT. If you have any question, our WhatsApp support team is here to help you.
How do I make sure that there is really a diamond behind the NFT I purchase?
Transparency with our clients is one of our values, and trust is the pillar of our business. We ask you to contact us before you purchase the NFT with the diamond, to check about its availability. After you purchase the NFT, you have an option to get it delivered to you, if you redeem the NFT. We can show you pictures and videos of the real stone to reassure you if you are far. Also, you can come visit us personally and see the diamond after you purchase the NFT. For that, please contact our WhatsApp support team to place an appointment with us.
If I decide to have the diamond and redeem the NFT, can I re-tokenize the NFT I redeemed?
Yes. You can always re-tokenize the NFT you redeem for a small fee, only if you give us back the diamond and the certificate that came with the NFT. Please note that the diamond will be tested by our experts to make sure that it’s the same diamond that initially came with the NFT.
How will the diamond be stored if I decide to keep the NFT with me?
The diamond will be insured and stored in one of our safes in : Antwerp, Tel Aviv, or New York. The buyer of the NFT with the diamond  can choose the location. For more information, contact our WhatsApp support team.
I am a professional, why is it interesting for me to purchase the NFT that comes with a diamond?
Apart from the artwork you will get from the NFT, you will also be able to trade the NFT and the diamond without having to worry about shipping, insurance, taxes, etc. The ownership of the stone will be transferred to the new owner and you will not have to worry about anything. Our team will take care of all the rest. Please feel free to contact our WhatsApp support team to get more information.
Does storing the diamond in a safe decrease its value by time?
Absolutely not. A diamond holds the same value whether it’s stored or used on a daily basis. There is no such thing as ‘an old diamond’.
Do I pay a tax fee when I trade with RIJOUX NFTs?
No tax fees are applied on OpenSea for NFTs. However, if you redeem an NFT that comes with the diamond, then tax fees will be applied to release the stone.
Can I refund a diamond I purchased with the NFT ?
Please make sure to have a minimum basic knowledge in diamonds before purchasing any of our NFTs that come with a diamond. Inform yourself about the 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity, and cut), and don’t hesitate to place an appointment with our team through our WhatsApp support team to get the guide you need and have all your questions and concerns answered. Unfortunately, we can’t refund you after your purchase. However, we can help you thanks to our network of professionals in the diamonds industry, to get offers for the diamond you purchased with our NFT.
Are there any fees for the storage of the diamond?
Yes. We ask for a small fee per year if you decide to keep the NFT and store the diamond. For more information, please contact our WhatsApp support team.